Your guests don’t just watch Louis’ show - they are PART of it - with LOTS of fun audience participation!

“We look forward to working with you again in the future. It was fun and entertaining. The feedback from all of the events was excellent!”
3M Canada Company

During Louis’ show, your audience is INTERACTIVELY involved in amazing and funny demonstrations of
Mind Reading
Photographic Memory
Astounding Coincidence
Mind Over Matter
and More!

“MIND READING??? That sounds kind of scary - what exactly do you mean?”

It’s not scary, just REALLY cool! During the show, people think of specific “targets”: like a city they have visited, a celebrity they admire, a drawing they can visualize, or a series of actions or tasks to perform - and using charm, humour and quite a lot of MIND MAGIC, Louis reveals each and every one of their thoughts!

People from the audience actively take part in the different demonstrations - and there are also sequences involving literally EVERYONE in the room - while they sit in the comfort of their own chair, laughing and applauding with friends and colleagues. With MIND MAGIC everyone can participate as much or as little as they prefer!

PLEASE NOTE: Louis makes it very clear that all participants will be treated with respect and courtesy. At no point is anyone made to look foolish and Louis will NEVER reveal any information of a private or embarrassing nature. No cheap laughs here - just top quality entertainment for ANY and ALL audiences!

MIND MAGIC will make your event stand far out from the rest of the pack - and it will long be remembered by everyone attending. You will get RAVE reviews for your choice of entertainment and your guests will thank you for providing them with an event unlike anything they have ever experienced!

Louis is one of the most skilled Metal Benders on EARTH! These incredible demonstrations are a feature of every one of his shows!

“Louis Pezzani bends spoons with his mind. He also bends forks and keys. At least it appears that way, and nobody has been able to explain why under Pezzani’s intent gaze and the light stroking of his fingertips a solid metal object will suddenly become putty in his hands.”
The Edmonton Sun