Astounding, Funny, UNFORGETTABLE Entertainment with one of the Top Mystery Performers in North America!

Looking for entertainment for your special event?

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Edmonton Mentalist Louis Pezzani has been presenting his funny and astounding MIND MAGIC show to audiences around the world for decades. This unique, World Class show features jaw-dropping feats of Mindreading and Metal Bending with your guests actively taking part the show!

Critically acclaimed, MIND MAGIC is amazing and INTERACTIVE entertainment with very funny, clean comedy! This is perfect entertainment for corporate events, banquets, fundraisers, conventions, parties and any event you want to be remembered for a very long time! Louis Pezzani’s MIND MAGIC is a GUARANTEED audience-pleaser for ANY and ALL ages, interests and backgrounds!

“You stunned this group of industry veterans with your astonishing demonstrations of mindreading and metal bending. Your humorous and interactive performance was highly entertaining and awe- inspiring. I would strongly recommend your show to any organizations considering entertainment at their functions.”

Corporate entertainment, Community functions, Convention entertainment, Party entertainment - regardless of the setting, MIND MAGIC will transform your event into an unforgettable experience for all attending!

Enter The MIND MAGIC of Louis Pezzani and see how Louis will make your next event “The Best One Ever!